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Effective Summer 2016, Georgia College Financial Aid office will no longer require an application/survey to obtain financial aid for the summer semester. The Financial Aid Office will automatically evaluate students’ eligibility that enroll for federal and state programs beginning approximately a week after registration for summer semester starts. Notification of eligibility will be sent to students’ GC Bobcat email accounts. Visit our website for more information regarding summer aid.

  • All Summer 2016 sessions must be paid all at once by the first day of the first session attending. Summer session charges are combined and not billed separately for each term. The academic calendar for summer can be viewed at the Academic Calendar.
  • For registration dates, instructions, and other important information, please go to the Office of the Registrar website.
  • Registration and Financial Aid Information is distributed via bobcats e-mail.


The Student Government, the Student Affairs Council & the President's Cabinet have designated your e-mail address an official means of communications for university business, including course work. You are responsible for checking all the e-mail sent to your e-mail address and for properly maintaining your account. This requirement has been in effect since Sept 15, 2003. For more information about bobcats e-mail and other Student Technology Information, you can go to or contact Serve.